Saskia Kano

Interacion Designer Based in Belfast

My Manifesto

image of a lighthouse

Nine iterations

For this project we had to work in a group to collect 100 examples of either point, line or plane and create/add them to a Pinterest board. As a group we decided to choose line. To show this, we had chosen the topic of pencils to demonstrate the line. This is the link to the Pinterest board.

Below are the nine images I created in Adobe Illustrator which are based of the nine images I chose from the one hundred on the Pinterest board. The narrative of the images are to show care to the environment and to look after it.

Follow the rhythm

For this project I took a song that I liked, and I was required to present the lyrics in a manner which is appropriate to the music and singer/group in question. For example, if the song is punk-influenced the style would be similar that of the Dadaists, Jamie Reid or Barney Bubbles. If it is rap, graffiti art could be used to present the lyrics.

I considered the pacing and rhythm of the song. If lines or words are more meaningful than others they needed to be presented more prominently in my final piece.

I had decided that my project was going to based on lyrics from a rap song because rap is one of my favourite genres of music. My final piece is shown below.

portfolio image

About me

My name is Saskia. I am an interaction design student based in Belfast. I have a backgound in adobe software, such as, Photoshop, Illustrator and Animate and programming software for web design, such as, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Bootstrap and Wordpress. I would consider myself to be continually learning and eager to build on my current knowledge and stay in tune with digital design techniques through continued work.

I have determination to succeed and am always interested in a challenge. I not only work digitally but also in my spare time like to create hand drawn art.